COVID-19 Wellness Information

Our church is being diligent to stay healthy while continuing to follow the biblical mandate to not forsake assembling together. Learn more about how we are responding to COVID-19 and how you can do your part by reading our wellness policy.

A statement regarding COVID-19 from the trustees of Together Church...

There are many opinions on how to prevent and/or treat COVID-19. TC leadership believes that you, not the church or anyone else, should make the decision about your family’s treatment. Therefore, we encourage you to seek your doctor’s wisdom, study options available, search Scripture, and follow requirements of the law (unless they are immoral or are explicitly contrary to God’s Word). TC feels it is your responsibility to choose the treatment that is best for you and your family. Everyone has unique circumstances, so not everyone will make the same decision. We encourage you to treat each other with respect and understanding no matter how different your decisions.