Our Team

Pastoral Staff Team

Brandon Werner

Senior Pastor, Elder

Jerry Wells

Pastor Emeritus, Elder

Britt Clay

Associate Pastor, Elder

Seth Wright

Worship Pastor, Elder

Support Staff Team

Pam Dellinger

Finance Admin / Office Manager

Janie Martin


Pearl Markham


Bernie Morris


Bethany Walter

Connections Director

Julisia Ruckel

TC Kids Director

Stephen Dellinger

TC Kids Grade School Director (Sun.), Elder

Sarah Redman

TC Kids Nursery Director

Jordan Rippetoe

Executive Director

Greg Werner

Facilities, Deacon

Tamy Elliot


Media Team

Chad Robinson

Media Director

Shiloh Dellinger

Sound & Lighting Director

Additional Team Members

Trustees (Business Needs)

Our trustees serve one year terms and are appointed by our members. Trustees oversee the business operations of our church (capital improvements, constitution & bylaws, budget planning, member business meetings, legal, etc.).

  • Michael Bollinger (chairman)
  • Doug Miller
  • Lance Perkins (secretary)
Elders (Spiritual Needs)

We use the term pastor/elder synonymously. Some of our elders are paid staff members, and some are laymen. All of our elders have been appointed to the office of elder in our church by our members. The elders are responsible for the oversight of spiritual needs in the body (i.e. – shepherding, leading vision and strategy to stay the course as a disciple-making first church, corporate gatherings, preaching, singing, calls to fast and pray, etc.).

  • Brandon Werner (chairman)
  • Stephen Dellinger
  • Jerry Wells
  • Britt Clay
  • Seth Wright
  • Jack Clay (elder emeritus)
  • Nathan Redman
Deacons (Material Needs)

Our deacons oversee the physical needs in our church – both on campus and in the lives of our members. Deacons are leaders of the servants. All our deacon have been appointed to the office of deacon in our church by our members.

  • Greg Werner (chairman)
  • Shiloh Dellinger
  • Phil Apple
  • Justin Walter
  • Bennett Eggar
Other Support Roles
  • Vickie Apple (Prayer Ministry & Offering Counters)
  • Jack Clay and Bennett Eggar (Baptisms)
  • Justin Walter (Men’s Ministry)
  • Rachael Werner (Women’s Ministry (interim), Church Showers, Church Meal Trains)
  • Lauren Clay (Interior Decorator)

Our small group leaders are key leaders in our church. Click here to see a list of our small group leaders.

Feel Called to Serve?

Do you believe God has called you and gifted you to serve in leadership or administration in His Church? Let us know!

Church Leadership Structure

To learn more about our beliefs and church leadership structure, click the button below. On this page, you can find our Constitution & Bylaws which outlines every part of our structure in great detail!